Find your true voice


My name is Lauren Ashley.  I am a musician, Somatic Psychotherapist, and youth mentor.  I believe in your resilience and in your right to thrive.    Here on planet Earth, we have an opportunity to grow and evolve and I am here to help you be your most fully authentic badass self.  Life is short.  What are you waiting for?

It is your birthright to feel empowered. Here is a gift to help you remember.

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I offer 3 main pathways for exploring true expression:

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Vocal Empowerment

Let your voice rise to its fullest expression.

Somatic Psychotherapy

Feel connected to your resilient lifeforce. 

Mindful Youth Mentoring

Be guided and learn invaluable tools for navigating the jungles of adolescence.

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Lauren is the bomb diggity

—Shaunna Harry, Senior Producer Brand Experience, IBM