During youth, a blossoming and budding forth tries to happen from inside out as each young person encounters what is seeded in them and gifted in their soul
— Michael Meade

I support teens ages 12-18 in navigating the jungles of adolescence by equipping them with tools in mindfulness, engaging with the natural world, and processing parental dynamics.

I have worked in the school systems, residential facilities, and camps and have found again and again that the youth are smarter and faster than the adults.  They are intolerant of BS and when given a chance to express their authenticity and lift their voices, they can ignite the flames of our culture and step into their role as the ones we have been waiting for. 

I am devoted to the youth support those I work with to::

  • feel confident, strong, and empowered about themselves in the world

  • develop skills to navigate stress and anxiety

  • learn to create healthy boundaries and clear communication with friends and family

I offer up a safe space for youth to explore and dive in deep to the real questions they walk with.  Along the way,  through dialogue and play, I offer some tricks that can serve teens in having  healthy and dynamic relationships with family and friends.

I have an extensive background as a licensed psychotherapist and youth mentor.  Through Stepping Stones Project and Gaia Girls Passages I offer long term mentoring and contemporary rites of passage around the fire.  I am a Mindful Educator and Supervisor for Seeds of Awareness, teaching teachers and classrooms cool things about brain development, trauma, yoga, how to chill out the stress and how to "play attention."