If God has given you a voice, I decided, you must use it.
— Malala Yousafzai

Are you interested in learning to howl and singing the song you took birth to sing?  I'd love to support you in exploring your Wild Voice.  I offer groups, private sessions, + special events. 

Through movement, breath, and sound we will release limiting beliefs and trauma around voice. Together we will open the doorway to a full-bodied creative expression where your authenticity can shine.   The world needs your strong clear voice.  Don't let those old voices that silence you get in your way anymore! 

When I was 10, I developed nodules on my vocal cords.  I felt disempowered, having to be in silence for many hours of the day in order to heal.  I learned early on about the importance of breath support and the anatomy of the voice. As a daughter of the patriarchy, I often would feel silenced and had a hard time speaking up and out and expressing my opinions clearly.

I simultaneously discovered chanting and improv while studying Hatha yoga in Thailand.  One day, there was a CLICK of understanding; how the breath, the pelvic floor, and the voice are all working together.   I began to teach workshops to women, helping to awaken the pelvic floor and sing loud and proud.

In 2014 I recorded an album called Full of Faith and now bring my wild voice to venues near and far.